Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Things slowly returning to normal

Well 2 months have now gone by since Julies last treatment.  Things are progressing well and Julie is doing great!  Hair is starting to grow back including eyebrows and eyelashes.  There is no more pain and feeling is returning to areas around the mastectomy incision.  Julie is starting to workout again and looks great.  It has been really nice not having to go to the hospital or see a Doctor every week.

On August 11, Julie, Malcolm and I ran the SeeWheeze half marathon in Vancouver.  Thanks for everyone who supported us.  Running that type of distance is hard for anyone, let alone someone who finished Chemotherapy 30 days earlier.  Julie really is an inspiration and with little to no training she completed the event in 2 hours and 52 mins.  It was a lot of fun and it was great to see both Julies and my families out cheering us on - just amazing. 

Julie also never missed a step playing in the GALS softball league - play started in April and playoffs start in 3 days.  Julie is the captain of Team Artistic which finished second in regular season play (the highest finish since Julie has been a captain) and we are excited for playoffs.

Our next steps will be to start making appointments to see surgeon (for check up and to discuss reconstruction), oncologist and family doctor.  They will want to see her at 6 months, then annually for 5 years.  We are also looking forward to some lifestyle changes that include eating better and exercising more!

I will continue to keep everyone updated!


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