Thursday, 12 July 2012


Today marked a major and significant milestone in Julies Journey.  Today was the last treatment followed by the traditional ringing of the bell at Credit Valley Hospital.  It was a very emotional moment for Julie.  Julie rang the bell LOUD  - surrounded by her Family, Jo, and all the oncology nursing staff.  It has been a couple of tear filled days starting yesterday when Malcolm's hockey team all played with Pink Socks, Pink Sticks and a big Pink sign saying "We Skate For Julie".  That continued this morning when we met with the Oncology doctor who told us that everything looked good and after treatment today, he did not want to see us until the Winter!  Julie does not need radiation or hormone therapy (her tumor was 3% estrogen sensitive - below 10% does not require treatment), so literally it is take the next 2 to 3 weeks to recover, then start growing hair again and start getting things back to normal - it was like a huge weight lifted off her.

The DOCEtaxel has been tough.  It causes incredible pain in the joints and bones.  As it accumulates, the pain lasts longer and longer.  After does 3, Julie really did not feel well until right before the next treatment (today), so we expect a tough next couple of weeks, then gradual improvement.

After 6 months of needles, poking, proding, cutting, pain, aches, and uncertainty, Julies path now is a simple wait and screen for the next 5 years.

Thanks everyone for their support and I will keep updating the blog (albiet less frequently).  We will have a little celebration once Julie is up to it!


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