Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lymph node and Tumor diagnosis

Results from Pathology after Mastectomy

In summary - as good of news as we could have hoped!

All 4 sentinel lymph nodes tested negative for metastatic carcinoma - meaning the cancerous cells had not spread to the lymphatic system.  So negative for lymphovascular invasion.

Margins (normal cells around the tumor) also tested negative for invasive carcinoma (meaning the tumor was contained in at least 7mm of healthy tissue).

Tumor was 4.5cm large, and was poorly differentiated Grade 3 of 3.  All information points to a stage IIA breast cancer. 

Next steps:  We meet with Oncologist team in 2 weeks to plan next phase of treatment.  All indications are no additional surgeries are required and most likely no radiation treatment required.  Most likely the physicians will recommend some form of Chemotherapy as Julie is young and healthy and this would ensure long term success.

In the meantime, Julie will start preparing to participate in the Seawheeze half marathon in August (in Vancouver) and raising money for IronDames and Wellspring.  This will be a great accomplishment and both myself and Malcolm look forward to participating with her.

We continue to remain positive.

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