Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chemotheropy starts April 4th

Treatment continues

While it was the news we expected yesterday, it was still difficult to hear.  We met with oncologist and radiation teams yesterday and discussed next steps for treatments.  The medical oncologist told us the tumor was essentially triple negative on the hormone test (slight reaction to estrogen, but essentially negligible) and the recommendation was for 6 treatments of chemotheropy.  These treatments will start on April 4th and continue every 3rd week for 6 sessions.

The radiation team told us they don't believe Julie will require radiation due to the successfull surgery and the margins and distance from muscles and bones all being good.  As a precaution, they are doing a bone scan next Tuesday to ensure that all bone structures are clear.

We will be attending a class on Chemotheropy on Friday and collecting all the drugs to help with side affects over the next week.  Julie will be shopping for wigs as hair loss can be immediately after the first session.  I have suggested a nice summer bob cut strawberry blonde...

We really appreciate everyones support and continue to remain positive.


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