Saturday, 25 February 2012

Surgery Scheduled

March 1 - Surgery Scheduled

Mastectomy of right breast to be done on March 1 - this will include the dissection of lymph nodes to then accurately determine next phase of treatment.

Julie will be in hospital over night for oberservation then at home resting for at least 5 days after with a visit from a home nurse.

This week has been the continuance of tests and Operation Room (OR) prep.  We are both excited and anxious to have this phase of the process completed.  Julie remains incredibly positive.

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  1. I continue to think of you, Mike and the kids. I know you have the best support from Mike and you are likely staying strong and positive. I can just picture it. It brings a smile to my face! However, I wish I could be there for whatever use I can be for you guys right now.

    I love ya guys and always thinking of ya!
    p.s. Adam is in Toronto this week. I think he was gonna stop in and say Hi!