Saturday, 18 February 2012

Start of Tests

Week of Feb 12 to Feb 18
Met with Dr Miles Kealey, General Surgeon to discuss diagnosis and treatment options. While the needle core biopsies indicated invasive ductal carcinoma, it was "poorly differentiated" - requiring some additional tests to ensure best treatment.

Scheduled for Cat Scan on Friday Feb 17 - will review all results with Dr. Kealey and set OR date on Tuesday Feb 21.


  1. Hey Jules

    We just necently heard of your news. We are completely beside ourselves. We've been thinking of you a lot, however wanted to give you your space. We are ALWAYS here for you for any support you mnay need or want!
    Easier said then done, but stay strong! The Julie I know is super strong, determined & focused. You are going to kick this to the curb!!

    We love you Julie, and call when you are ready to talk, or just need an escape!
    Love Angie & Wallace

  2. Wow, I read the information on the internet about Dr. Miles Kealey. I am very happy that you have this doctor looking after Julie.