Monday, 7 May 2012

3 down, 5 to go

Only one more application of DOXOrubicin or AC (Adriamycin PFS) as the oncologist team calls it.  Julie is still doing amazing - still up and about and maintaining her weight.  A bit more feeling of nausea this time, but managable - mouth sores were bad after dose 2, so she has switched to using Biotene 4 or 5 times a day and chewing gum seems to help (so far so good as the sores hav stayed away).  We are told this drug is the harsher of the two she will be taking, so we are looking forward to the last dose then moving onto DOCEtaxel

Julies oncology nurse won the nightingale aware this week - which is well deserved.  Roy is fantastic and makes the 3 hours at Credit Valley Hospital go by quickly.  Actually, the whole oncology team is amazing.  We have been very impressed with the medical team at Credit Valley.

Julie has lost all hair now and is starting to see her nails crack - common side effects, but still difficult to take.  I think she looks amazing!  The Nuelasta (drug to stimulate bone marrow) causes pain in bones and chest if she pushes it too hard, so we are very disciplined about getting to bed early and getting lots of rest.

Finally, Softball has started and believe it or not, Julie got a home run in the first game.  Very emotional moment - all things considered.  Some ladies are suggesting that steroids may have been helping (Julie does take a steriod for appetite) - I think it is just natural ability and some payback!

We continue to remain positive.


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